Peter Rossbach

Managing Director, Head of Strategy & Finance

Peter Rossbach has worked in the renewables sector since 1985 when he started at Standard & Poor's rating utility bonds financing renewable projects in California.

In the late 1980s he worked with Catalyst Energy, a developer of hydro and cogeneration projects that was later sold to the Boone Pickens family. Peter was then Vice President of project finance for the Mitsui Bank, arranging loans for wind and cogeneration projects in the United States.

For over 25 years, Peter worked in Europe and Asia making investments in hydro, wind and solar projects in over a dozen countries. Over this time frame, he created renewable energy asset portfolios of over 1GW, first for a fund in Asia and then since 2003 for Impax Asset Management in Europe, typically applying World Bank ESG standards to projects with challenging local circumstances. While at Impax in Europe he assembled a team of industry-oriented specialists, with expertise in project construction, operation, finance and asset management.

In the last decade, Peter raised and invested funds for Impax including prospecting renewable development opportunities in the United States as a part of its larger strategy. Prior to establishing Potomac Renewable Energy (PRE) with Peter Pawlowski, he shifted roles to a non-executive position of Senior Advisor and independent member of the investment committee for Impax's European strategy.

With a background in project finance, project contracting and development, Peter has a minor interest in Raptor Maps, an IT company focused on PV solar inspection and operating performance, and is an independent director of UGE International Ltd, a Toronto-listed renewable energy business.

He has a degree in Government from Harvard College and a Masters' degree in Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.