Our Process

Our team understands landowner concerns and works on your behalf to develop a targeted solution that mitigates risk factors such as permitting, interconnection and construction financing, and operations management.

PRE is committed to building solar projects efficiently on high priority sites with strong environmental fundamentals.

Our objective is to lease, design, build, own and operate projects and give value to landowners throughout the process.

  • Hassle-free development: We do the development work and we take the risk; you get paid fixed lease revenues throughout our relationship
  • No rush to change: Leases permit continued farming until construction begins, typically in 2-3 years
  • Crop damage provision: We pay you if our construction causes an interruption to your growing season
  • Neighbor sensitivity: We engage constructively with you on issues that neighbors and local authorities may raise

Landowner Benefits

  • Avoid adverse weather conditions: Crops have price and quantity (weather) risk; your solar lease does not.
  • Solar as a revenue-enhancing crop: On average, solar generates ca. 5-10x the income of crops such as soybeans, corn, etc.
  • Diversify your crops: You can off a portion of your land for a “solar crop” that will generate fixed income without having the costly expense of feeding, processing and selling said crops; we typically seek 20-50 acres per site
  • Get ahead of the commodity curve: In 2018, less than half of US growers made revenue from their farms. In 2021, futures markets for staple crops traded at the lowest prices since 2010

Want to Be a Stakeholder?

If you have land for which you wish to improve its overall use, or a power supply issue that needs addressing, please contact us. We can either buy or lease land and can also contract partial inside the fence energy sales.

Let's talk and explore options on how we can partner together.

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