About PRE

Led by a strong management team with, collectively, over 50 years of experience in developing, permitting, originating and financing power generation projects in the USA and throughout the world, Potomac Renewable Energy (“PRE”) has an especially deep understanding of the distributed generation market as well as the technology of solar energy.

At the core of PRE’s operations is a technology-led, innovative and local needs-oriented approach to solar development.

Well-positioned because of the team’s experience in development, financing, construction and asset management, PRE delivers de-risked projects to local stakeholders by managing each project from the start of greenfield development through to operations.

PRE aims to understand landowners’ and off-takers’ key business requirements so as to develop a targeted solution that effectively mitigates risk factors such as permitting, interconnection and construction financing and management.

With its tried and tested algorithm for identifying superior solar development project locations, local site constraints and transmission positions, PRE builds solar projects on high priority sites with strong environmental fundamentals and efficient grid costing.

Contact Us

Our land agents and development team are located in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Illinois. In person discussions are always welcome.